EditReader – Stuart Bruce

The development of Fishcat ran along side another idea from the substantial brain of Stuart Bruce. Working as the editor on Fireman Sam he saw an opportunity to use the Fishcat database to create a remarkable piece of software that can be used stand alone or fully integrated with the Fishcat system. From the early stages of the production right through to delivery this tool provides dynamic information from the production end of the shoot. While Fishcat largely handles data flow from studio floor to edit, EditReader provides up to date information back to the floor and any production staff on the network. It eliminates the need for an edit assistant and automates many of the processes normally required such as producing wav files for animators , displaying shot timings based on the ever changing edit timeline through to launching shots through  Fishcat with audio files and background line up sequences automatically set up in Dragonframe.

Production crew on the studio floor can use it to watch the animatic, review information about a shot they are about to do and cross-reference the previous and next shot for continuity checks etc. The “send to camera software” button passes relevant information to the Fishcat launcher which in turn launches Dragonframe with audio and video references automatically embedded. Every time a completed shot is placed on the edit timeline any timing changes to the episode/sequence  can be immediately reflected back on the studio floor. Edit timeline breakdowns are automated through edit reader and constantly updated through the production network.

The software is provided as a separate service but together with the Fishcat system you will be investing in complete and comprehensive production pipeline that is unique and unparalleled in the industry.

A brief introductory PDF is available here (1.7 MB), written by Stuart’s fair hand himself.



The best Edit Process Homogenizing Software money can buy