The FishCat system works with your chosen image capture camera software, typically DragonFrame. As each frame is captured, a copy is automatically transferred to the server and tracked by the server back end. The back end takes care of processing the raw file into the required format for post production. A searchable front end provides all networked computers immediate access to all captured frames. Quicktimes and image sequences with cutbacks removed are automatically generated on finished shots. Animatics, sound files and other reference data can be uploaded for reference on set. This provides the production access to the entire shoot in an organized manner and can provide clients and other interested parties managed access to the data if desired. Rendering is done automatically and finished shots are available for delivery to post production within minutes.

The data can be accessed directly from the network or automatically transferred to an external drive. The data is available from a browser based front end. Realtime tracking of shots is available to selectable networked computers. Access to all captured images is available as soon as they are taken. Quicktimes of work in progress can be automatically generated on demand. Quicktimes of finished shots are available as soon as the rendering is complete. Edit and VFX cutlists are automatically processed to provide coherent image sequences. Render progress of shots is viewable as is details of frame counts, shooting rates, dates and times of frames and all shot notes.

A robust backup service is provided for backing up the raw files to LTO tape for disaster recovery. Every backup is comprehensively queried and cross referenced on a frame by frame basis to the database to ensure all the valuable “negative” is copied to LTO tape for off site storage.